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Musée Rodin
Two more reasons to visit Paris
golf course
This Big Sky outpost offers spacious fairways and dramatic long views.


Tool or toy?

Discussing ethical use of business jets with Taylor Guitars cofounders Kurt Listug and Bob Taylor for this issue’s cover story was refreshing. These are guys who really get it. In fact, they get it so profoundly that they have difficulty fathoming how anyone doesn’t intuitively grasp what constitutes appropriate use of a business airplane. Taylor told me that he has had people ask him for “a ride” on his company’s Gulfstream G450, as if it were a speedboat.


Preowned: Fractional Fallout

What happens to your airplane’s value when a major fractional program starts liquidating its fleet of the same model? 


Solairus Aviation’s Dan Drohan

Dan Drohan serves as chairman and CEO of Solairus Aviation, an aircraft-management and charter company he founded in 2008, just as the Great Recession began. Despite that bad timing, the firm has prospered and now has more than 100 aircraft in its managed fleet. 

Time Off


Often described as the most precious jewel in the Greater Antilles, Cuba has an allure that is hard to resist. For many, the island is “forbidden fruit” because most Americans couldn’t enter the country legally after the U.S. broke diplomatic relations and closed its embassy in 1961. For others, stepping back in time to a place where vintage cars dominate the roads and Internet access is limited sounds like a dream vacation. For me, traveling to Cuba meant a chance to meet the people and hear in their own words how they feel about their neighbors to the north. 

Bizav Basics

What XOJet has—and hasn’t—accomplished

In early 2009 XOJet upended the charter industry when it introduced all-inclusive one-way transcontinental U.S. rates of $19,000 aboard its owned and operated fleet of new Cessna Citation Xs (later joined by Bombardier Challenger 300s). Not bad for a company whose majority investor, Lehman Brothers, had gone bankrupt just months before


Bizjet Lifestyle

Musée Rodin
Two more reasons to visit Paris
Vintage American cars are commonplace on  the streets of Havana. PHOTO: FOTOLIA
Travel to this fascinating city has become easier for Americans since the U.S. and Cuban governments restored diplomatic relations last year.


“I'll check my seat first before I sit down. I don't want any more surprises. ”

-airline passenger Mike Feinberg, who was recently shocked to learn why his first-class seat was soaking wet