Book a slot now to minimize the wait

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Book a slot now to minimize the wait
Talco Aviation pushes the envelope with this large-cabin interior, accentuated with soft yellow lighting, wood veneer and ergonomic seats.
Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 11:00am

As the industry recovers from the long recession, sales of used and new aircraft are accelerating. Largely as a result, more and more independent completion and refurbishment shops are building a backlog of orders.

Another reason: the first Global Express XRS business jets from Bombardier are coming in for required major inspections, and a lot of owners are choosing to do cabin refurbishment at the same time. Meanwhile, owners of larger bizliners—Airbus ACJs and Boeing Business Jets—are jostling for refurbishment slots timed to coincide with required 10-year maintenance and inspection checks. At centers approved by Airbus Corporate Jets and Boeing Business Jets to do interior outfitting of their new airplanes, backlogs began growing last year.

A word to the wise: peruse this directory now and, to minimize delays, schedule your job as soon as possible.

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““When I made the film The Invention of Lying, they gave me a private jet for getting back and forth between New York and London. I thought, ‘I will never use it’ but I ended up using it every weekend. You turn up, right, and the airport is completely empty. I mean, there’s just someone at the desk and then the pilot, who says, ‘Are you ready to go?’ and you say, ‘Don’t you want to see my passport?’ and he goes, ‘Oh yeah, I suppose I’d better.’” ”

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