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Business Aviation Caterers
The best are getting better.
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 5:00pm

The recession has slightly thinned the ranks of caterers that exclusively serve business aviation customers. But that is not altogether a bad thing. Those that have survived–more than 150 worldwide–have become more efficient and learned to listen more carefully to their clients. And the cuisine is better than ever.

“Better than ever” certainly describes the meals that issue from newcomer Alison Price On Air, a subsidiary of London-based caterer-to-royalty Alison Price. Paula Kraft, owner of Tastefully Yours of Atlanta, offered a rueful shake of her head when asked about Alison Price. “They kicked the bar up another rung, or two or three,” she said with a laugh.

These days, you can order just about anything you want for your airborne meals. Caterers report that “organic” “free-range,” “grass-fed” and “local-sourced” are more ensconced than ever in the catering vernacular. And those who “want what they want and damn the cost” can still enjoy the freshest of produce and most expert preparation. As for those who are keeping an eye on budgets, many caterers now offer smaller portions at lower prices. Don’t expect a half-portion at half-price, though, as salaries, benefits, packaging and overhead costs remain about the same as for larger helpings.

This list of business aviation caterers is by no means complete. If your favorite isn’t here and you’d like to see it added to next year’s directory, please drop us a line at

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