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Union League Golf Club hole 17
A classic downtown club acquires equally classic fairways.
Musée Rodin
Two more reasons to visit Paris


Tool or toy?

Discussing ethical use of business jets with Taylor Guitars cofounders Kurt Listug and Bob Taylor for this issue’s cover story was refreshing. These are guys who really get it. In fact, they get it so profoundly that they have difficulty fathoming how anyone doesn’t intuitively grasp what constitutes appropriate use of a business airplane. Taylor told me that he has had people ask him for “a ride” on his company’s Gulfstream G450, as if it were a speedboat.


Trouble…or just a bump  in the road?

After five years of slow growth, preowned-market sales volume headed into negative territory last year. Aviation data service JetNet reports fewer retail transactions were conducted in 2015 than in 2014, the first such decrease since 2009. Last year, 2,458 preowned business jets were sold, says JetNet, versus 2,569 in 2014—a 4.3 percent decline. Only the large-cabin category saw an increase in transactions (5.6 percent, from 770 units to 813).


Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins needs to perform at his peak when he’s leading seminars for thousands of people, which he does regularly all over the world. To help make this possible, the life and business strategist has been flying privately for over two decades. 

Time Off

Philadelphia’s  Union League Golf Club

One of Philadelphia’s crown jewels is sporting a new gem. Actually, an old one, since what used to be Torresdale-Frankford Country Club dates to a 1921 design by Donald Ross. Today it’s part of the Union League, the prestigious downtown club founded in 1862 whose South Broad Street home offers a classic example of Second Empire architecture. Now the city’s movers and shakers (and millennials) who are among its 3,500 members have a golf course of their own in the city, 13 miles to the northeast.

Bizav Basics

Insurance tips for fractional and charter customers

If you’re a charter customer or fractional owner, your net worth may well exceed that of your flight provider. That would make you the deep pocket with the most to lose in an accident, yet you have no role in selecting the provider’s insurer or drafting its coverage terms. So how can you protect yourself? By performing the most dreaded task in all of aviation—reading the insurance policy—and by keeping these tips in mind:


Bizjet Lifestyle

BJT 5th Annual Book of Lists.
A treasure trove of useful, funny, entertaining, and occasionally amazing information and trivia.
Burgundy barge truffle hunt
At some hotels and resorts, you can help catch, harvest, or prepare the food that winds up on your plate.


“Let me be straight with you. What I'd rather have is an airplane. We just had a third kid. I don't like flying commercial. I like to take my family to Hawaii. When I go east, I'd like to have pilots I know.   ”