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Some buyers of new aircraft can't wait to take off. Others have no such plans.
If you are flying on Christmas Eve, the sky can be a magical place. (Illustration: John T. Lewis)
Here are five reasons to make the trip on a private jet.
Residual Value
It’s a key factor for aircraft buyers and sellers, but projecting depreciation can pose challenges.


Exit: Rubbing Elbows With Your Pilot

Hopscotch Air, a small charter operator that uses five-seat single-engine Cirrus light airplanes, just celebrated its fifth anniversary, a notable accomplishment in this economy. The company—which focuses on short flights, primarily within a 300-mile radius of New York City—serves destinations throughout New England and as far south and west as Washington, D.C., and most of Ohio.


Satisfying a Tough IRS Standard

To start writing off your newly acquired jet for tax purposes in the U.S. you have to do more than buy it; you have to “place it in service” in your business. In recent years, the availability of “bonus” depreciation has only upped the ante on satisfying this Internal Revenue Service requirement.


 Architect Frank Gehry


One of architecture’s greatest minds talks about why that field matters—and why business jets do, too. 

Time Off

Drive Your Dream Car

You don't have to buy or lease a Lamborghini to get behind the wheel. Just arrange a rental

Bizav Basics

What's Next for the Fractional Field?

Hindsight is 20/20and in the fractional-share business, foresight may at best be about 20/1,000. In a market like today’s and with a rapidly evolving product like fractional, even the most seasoned insiders seem to lack a clear sense of what’s next. 



“When you get into the larger aircraft it becomes like a hotel, with dozens of staff supporting the plane based in a galley area down below. You have very comprehensive cooking facilities, and on larger aircraft we have looked at theatres, with spiral staircases and a Steinway grand piano. The limitations for what you can put inside a plane are pretty much the limits of physics, and even money cannot always overcome that. Even so, people are still always trying to push [the limits]. ”

-Howard Guy of Design Q, a UK-based consultancy