How We Traveled This Year

Detailed 2020 data on how, when, and why you are flying privately. Also: how COVID has affected those choices.

The results of Business Jet Traveler's 2020 Readers' Choice Survey, which attracted nearly 2,000 respondents, paint a detailed picture of our subscribers' preferences and habits. Among the findings in the section of the survey featured here: 58 percent flew less overall because of COVID-19; 29 percent are particularly interested in the development of supersonic business jets; and 72 percent send and receive emails and texts while flying. We also found out the three most important reasons our readers fly privately and the aircraft features that matter most to them. And we asked about their business aviation purchases in the past year, what they plan to buy in the year ahead, and how they expect their private flying over the next year to compare with their flying before the pandemic. View the PDF for detailed results.