Haute Cuisine: Roasted garlic toast points with a Caribbean shrimp seviche

Business Jet Traveler » June 2007
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Friday, June 1, 2007 - 5:00am

The Dish: Roasted garlic toast points with a Caribbean shrimp seviche and candied lime.

The Caterer: Fivestar Gourmet, Detroit, (248) 666-3630, http://www.pentastaraviation.com/private-jet-catering.html

Fivestar began as the in-house caterer for Pentastar Aviation at Michigan's Oakland County International Airport but has spread out to serve all of the Greater Detroit area with facilities at both Oakland and Detroit Metropolitan airports. Delivery is also available to the nearby Detroit City and Willow Run airports and to Bishop International Airport in Flint. Fivestar has made something of a national name for itself when it comes to food safety, developing what it calls the "Thermastar" system for temperature-controlled and safe transport, storage and serving of hot and cold food. The system includes an insulated carrier, digital thermometer and waterless hand sanitation provisions. It is particularly suited for smaller aircraft or aircraft with limited galley space and capabilities. Fivestar also offers a food-safety training manual. The company's creative menu includes such items as Granny Apple Cinnamon crêpes and Seafood Cassoulet. A selection of Fivestar's fare can be sampled at Pentastar's FBO café and its cookies and desserts are regularly placed throughout the FBO.

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