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Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 9:00am

AIN Publications, Business Jet Traveler's parent company, also publishes many other magazines, including on-site air show dailies in seven countries. During my years with the firm, I have traveled all over the United States as well as to Paris, London, Geneva, Dubai, Singapore and–as of March 2012–Shanghai. Being exposed to foreign countries and all the nuances that accompany the experience has been one of the most exquisite gifts I have been given professionally.

Of course, air shows and international travel inevitably produce copious amounts of stress and exhaustion, and more than once I have unceremoniously lashed out at my husband after returning bleary-eyed from halfway around the world. Still, nothing ups your sophistication quotient or opens your heart like exposure to other cultures–even if I often need several long nights of sleep at home to remember this.

Of course, not every international trip produces positive results, which leads me to Joe Sharkey's firsthand account of the aftermath of a horrifying midair collision in Brazil. Those of you who regularly read Sharkey's work, especially his always-terrific New York Times travel column, know that he is defined by his urbane, expansive world view. This makes his experience particularly ironic. That he is able to write about it with such lucidity and honesty is nothing short of extraordinary.

Sharkey's tale about Brazil isn't this issue's only evidence of our determination to cover the globe. We also offer features about business aviation in China and Taiwan, a report on NetJets Europe and a travel piece on Belgium. In addition, we are now producing our first-ever Chinese-language edition of the BJT Buyers' Guide, which will be distributed to our readers based in Asia and at the Asian Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (ABACE) in Shanghai March 27-29.

Which reminds me: Please stay tuned for our upcoming Book of Lists, which will contain (among many other things) expert tips on how to make your travels better, including 10 Ways to Outsmart Jetlag, written by AIN ­Publications' managing director, Wilson Leach, who flies more each year than many people do in a decade.

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