TBM 940

TBM 940 Makes World Debut at Paris Air Show

The newest member of Daher’s “very fast turboprop” family, with enhanced automation, has just been delivered to its first customer.

French manufacturer Daher’s recently announced TBM 940, the latest in its line of turboprop singles, made its world debut at the Paris Air Show. The model features increased automation, including an automated throttle and automated icing detection system, both installed for the first time on a standard-production turboprop weighting less than 12,500 pounds (5.7 tonnes).

Other enhancements—including cabin upgrades for style, ergonomics, and comfort—will also be incorporated into Daher’s entry-level TBM 910, along with the automated icing-detection system. 

A Long Trip in a TBM 910

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A Long Trip in a TBM 910

AIN editor-in-chief Matt Thurber accompanied a TBM pilot on a delivery flight from Tarbes, France, to Camarillo, California.

The first TBM 940 was delivered to a British customer the week prior to the Le Bourget gathering.

Daher is also presenting in Paris its TBM Care—an operational entity that adds aspects of training and technical documentation to the single-point contact available to owners and operators through the French manufacturer’s “Me & My TBM” cloud-based support application. The app has been further upgraded with the introduction of analysis modes, designed to optimize flight and flight time.