Troldhagen, Edvard Grieg’s house in Bergen, Norway.

10 European Composer Residences Worth a Visit

Including the one where Mozart and Haydn played together.

1. Beethoven-Haus, Bonn, Germany. It’s now a museum that contains his last piano.

2. Cartuja, Valldemossa, Majorca, Spain. The monastery where Frederic Chopin lived briefly with George Sand.

3. Elgar Birthplace Museum, Worcester, England. The cottage where Edward Elgar was born showcases his music manuscripts, letters, and possessions.

4. Troldhaugen Museum, Bergen, Norway. Edvard Grieg’s beautiful house and composing hut.

5. The Liszt Museum, Budapest, Hungary. Franz Liszt’s apartment near the Hungarian State Opera.

6. Composing Hut of Gustav Mahler, Maiernigg, Austria. A small museum includes sheet music, letters, and a library.

7. Mozarthaus, Vienna. The so-called “Figaro house” is where Mozart and Haydn played together.

8. Ainola, Jarvenpaa, Finland. Jean Sibelius’s residence for 53 years is now a museum.

9. Villa Verdi, Piacenza, Italy. Giuseppe Verdi’s home—on the via Verdi!

10. Richard Wagner Museum, Bayreuth, Germany. The 19th century composer is buried in the backyard.