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12 Great Camping Products

Including an underwater camera and a portable hammock.

1. Thuraya X5-Touch satellite phoneThis Android touchscreen phone, which sells for $1,299 (plus data plan and accessories), works without cellular service.

2. Hilleberg Anaris ridge tent. This two-person, warm-weather $595 shelter has linked inner and outer tents that pitch easily with trekking poles. 

3. GoFish Cam underwater cameraThis wireless $150 device captures the action when you’re fishing, snorkeling, or diving.

4. CampStove Bundle CN. Packaged with a kettle pot and attachable grill, this $230 camping stove also charges your cellphone.

5. Blaze 60 backpack. This $269 backpack comes in three sizes, carries up to 50 pounds, and weighs just three pounds. 

6. Mock One compact portable hammockThis folding $150 hammock features a freestanding frame, carrying wrap, and sunshade. 

7. Luminiser thermoelectric camping lamp. Forget propane tanks or batteries: this 15-ounce lantern converts heat into electricity. 

8. BioLite headlamp. This ultralight, rechargeable product, which provides 100 lumens and four lighting modes, is perfect for running as well as camping. 

9. Morrison Outdoors Little Mo sleeping bag. Designed for children aged six months to two years, this $85 bag has high-loft synthetic insulation and weighs about one pound. 

10. Sportsman Industries’ Pocket Chainsaw. Slice through branches in under 10 seconds with this three-foot chainsaw, which comes with a magnesium fire starter. 

11. EarthKind Stay Away Mosquitoes. This Deet-free insect repellent is water-resistant, lasts 14 hours, and is available in full- and travel-size bottles. 

12. Pathwater water bottleThis reusable, recyclable, and lightweight aluminum water bottle offers an earth-friendly alternative to plastic containers.