Nelson Mandela sculpture
Nelson Mandela sculpture in Howick, South Africa.

6 Captivating Statues and Sculptures

Including a herd of bronze horses that create an astounding impression of movement.

1. The Mustangs of Las Colinas, Irving, Texas. Robert Glen’s herd of bronze horses create an astounding impression of movement as they appear to run through a river. 

2. Halo, Sydney, Australia. Jennifer Turpin and Michaelie Crawford conceived this kinetic sculpture—a large yellow ring attached to an arm that pivots on a pole whose speed and direction the wind determines.

3. Nelson Mandela, Howick, South Africa. When viewed from one particular angle, 50 thin steel columns of this clever sculpture by Marco Cianfanelli and Jeremy Rose line up to create a portrait of South Africa’s former president.

4. Rain Man, Florence, Italy. Jean-Michel Folon’s bronze sculpture of a man holding an umbrella handle features a fountain of water that creates the dome of the umbrella and the rain.

5. Ali and Nino, Batumi, GeorgiaTamara Kvesitadz’s eight-meter-tall figures of a woman and man move on their own orbits and merge briefly before separating again.

6. Another Place, Crosby Beach, Sefton, UKOne hundred iron figures, cast from sculptor Antony Gormley’s body,stand scattered at various depths and distances across a three-kilometer stretch of beach.