Esona Boutique Wine Estate
Esona Boutique Wine Estate, Robertson Valley, South Africa

7 Unusual Wine-tasting Experiences

Sample whites and reds in everything from a WWII submarine-like training vessel to cellars once used by French King Louis XV.

Wine-tasting events can be fun—especially when they take place in memorable environments. 

Here are seven of our favorites, ranging from a tour of vineyards overlooking Italy’s Amalfi Coast to a wine tram in South Africa.

1. Sottomarino Winery, Treasure Island, San Francisco. The wine-tasting room is a World War II submarine-like training “vessel.” 

2. Franschhoek Wine Tram, Franschhoek, South Africa. Eight hop-on, hop-off routes link various vineyards in South Africa’s spectacular Franschhoek Wine Valley. 

3. Les Caves Du Louvre, Paris. The 18th century wine cellars once used by King Louis XV’s sommelier are open to the public for tours and wine tastings.

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4. Marisa Cuomo WineryTours offer the opportunity to visit some of the dramatic, steep vineyards that overlook hidden coves along Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

5. Wine Tourism Spain. A five-day self-guided walking route (with wine tastings) takes you through the pretty villages and vineyards of northern Spain’s Rioja region. 

6. Esona Boutique Wine Estate, Robertson Valley, South Africa. Some tastings are held in underground concrete storage tanks that were once lined with beeswax to prevent the sweet wine from leaking out. 

7. ViƱa Santacruz, Colchagua, Chile. Take a short cable-car ride over the vineyards and up to a museum that delves into the influences ancient cultures have on winemaking.