Bell Flight Gets Serious about eVTOL

Urban air taxis could be a reality soon.

The electric vertical takeoff and landing revolution is upon us, and there’s likely no turning back. That was the message from a growing number of opinion leaders at this year’s Heli-Expo, and one of the major players on this frontier is Bell Flight, which brought its Urban Air Taxi concept to the Heli-Expo exhibit hall. The company invited attendees to demo the concept through virtual reality experiences inside the mockup. We asked Bell’s Director of Innovation, Scott Drennan, when he thinks this technology could appear in the real world, and how it can be implemented.

There's No Turning Back from an eVTOL Future

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There's No Turning Back from an eVTOL Future

"This is really a big deal. This is a lot of money," says the AHS chief.

Beyond Bell, Companies like Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Intel, Amazon, Honda, Toyota, and Uber are researching and investing in an eVTOL future, so watch this space.