Business Aviation Caterers
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Business Aviation Caterers

These days on a private jet you not only can fly wherever you want whenever you want, you can also dine en route on whatever you want. Caterers like Alison Price On Air and Bon Soirée of London and Hubert-Marsden Catering of Zurich, Switzerland can provide anything from fois gras with black truffle to chateaubriand with bordelaise sauce to Beluga caviar. Want Tex-Mex from Mia’s restaurant in Dallas or White Manna burgers from New York City? Bizav caterers can deliver.

These caterers can also accommodate religious food-preparation requirements, requests by vegans and those with food allergies, gluten-free diets for those who suffer from celiac disease and demands for organic products. Growing numbers of caterers, moreover, are taking seriously the need for safety in food handling and preparation. That means avoiding cross-contamination and ensuring meals are cooked and stored at proper temperatures to reduce the risk of foodborne illness from bacteria, parasites, viruses and other pathogens.

The following list of business aviation caterers worldwide should help you ensure that your next meal at 41,000 feet does not disappoint.