VistaJet exclusive dish—Nobu steamed salmon dry miso on plate
VistaJet has added an exclusive dish to its catering menu to celebrate the extension of its partnership with Nobu. The steamed salmon dry miso dish is available only to passengers flying on VistaJet's aircraft. (Photo: VistaJet)

Charter Company Extends Partnership with Famous Chef

The only way to taste the new steamed salmon dry miso from chef Nobu Matsuhisa is to fly with Vistajet.

VistaJet is unveiling an exclusive creation—steamed salmon dry miso—from chef Nobu Matsuhisa, with whom the company has had a longstanding partnership. The dish is available only to passengers flying aboard the company’s fleet of silver-and-red-liveried aircraft.

VistaJet said it curates the menu on every flight to ensure a consistently fine dining experience. That includes preparing each dish for high-altitude dining, considering the effects of elevation, lower humidity, and increased noise and movement on tastebuds and senses. The company published The Little Book of Dining in the Sky to explain the art and science behind the aircraft cabin environment’s effect on food taste and texture.