Embraer Shows Off Praetor 600, Phenom 300E In Geneva

The models are particularly suited for jetting around Europe.

Embraer recently showcased the super-midsize Praetor 600 and Phenom 300E light jet at the EBACE convention in Geneva.  It said it specifically brought these aircraft to the show since they are well suited for European operators.

“The 300 is the best-selling jet for 12 years in the segment. And an interesting fact that we observed last year: it became the most-flown jet in the U.S. in the trailing 12 months. In the previous year, it became the airplane that had the most takeoffs and landings,” Embraer director of sales engineering Ricardo Carvalhal told BJT. “More than 360,000 flight hours over 12 months, which made it the most flown business jet in the U.S.—an extremely successful product from that perspective.”

Carvalhal said that the company decided to highlight the Praetor 600’s versatility for the European market at the show. “The Praetor 600 has a range of about nine hours that is perfect for the European scenario, connecting London to New York [and] London to Dubai, which are very important city pairs for the region,” he said.

In regard to speculation that Embraer may develop a larger aircraft in the future, Carvalhal was coy on specifics. “Embraer historically always is trying to find new ways of disrupting new segments, finding new business opportunities. We actively study all opportunities in the market, be it above what we do, be it under what we do, in terms of aircraft size. But at this moment, we have no announcements to make.”