Embraer to Make Ventilator Parts to Combat Covid-19

The airframer will manufacture equipment for the ventilator/respirator industry to help increase availability of solutions to combat coronavirus.

Embraer will manufacture parts for the ventilator and respirator industry under a coalition of companies and research centers that aims to increase the availability of equipment and solutions to combat Covid-19 in Brazil. It will also  work to help develop both portable respirators and high-efficiency filtration systems that could turn regular hospital beds into intensive-care beds.

“A group of professionals has already been leading initiatives in support of a respirator factory in Brazil, with a plan to start the production of parts next week, in response to the emergency demand for this equipment,” the aircraft manufacturer said. “Embraer, in cooperation with partner organizations, has already completed the technical and production capacity analysis required to meet the identified needs.”

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It is also working to provide technical support for the development of biological air filter systems for hospital beds, employing efficient filters already used in air conditioning systems on Embraer aircraft. Another of the company’s work fronts is dedicated to analyzing the manufacturing process of control valves and flow sensors for another respirator manufacturer in Brazil, in addition to adapting an existing respirator model for combating Covid-19.

“Embraer will keep monitoring the situation to find ways to contribute by using its expertise integrating complex systems for the benefit of the society in this worldwide cooperation to combat Covid-19,” the company said.