The Boca Raton, from left: Palm Court; Spa Palmera. By Drew Limsky

Everything's Coming Up Boca in Sentient Jets' 2024 Benefits Guide

Why is this edition valued at $225,000, and what makes South Florida so special?

Leading private jet company and inventor of the Jet Card, Sentient Jet released its highly anticipated 2024 Exclusive Benefits Guide as the company celebrates 25 years in service. This year’s guide is valued at $225,000.

Now in its 11th year, the Sentient Jet Exclusive Benefits Guide is chock-full of information about the travel preferences of private flyers. Some of that data is proprietary, but Sentient is sharing some interesting nuggets.

A few key trends and hot spots that have emerged over the years include both flight trends and lifestyle interests.

On the flight trend side, in 2023, South Florida—with its enduring hotspots of Miami, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach—overtook New York as the most popular regional destination for Sentient Jet flyers. From sand to snow: Since its inception, Sentient Jet’s Aspen offerings have consistently been the most redeemed perks year after year, signaling consistent travel to Aspen, Colorado. On the heels of Aspen is California’s Napa Valley market, where Carneros Resort and Spa and 12 of Sentient Jet’s wine partners offer private wine tours and exclusive tastings for cardholders.

Lifeguard tower on South Beach (Miami Beach). By Drew Limsky

That’s a good segue to Sentient’s lifestyle findings, which reflect major growth over the past decade. In 2013, the bizjet company had 14 partners—but in 2024 Sentient has announced 44 partners to their Exclusive Benefits Guide, generating more value for its card owners. The Guide offers Sentient Jet Card Owners access to the highest levels of service across hotels, wellness, gastronomy, and recreation through its exclusive partners, such as The Ranch (Malibu and Hudson Valley), Exclusive Resorts, Auberge Resorts, Private Suite, the Boca Raton, The Little Nell, Human Longevity, the Kentucky Derby, and more. 

The Guide also reveals that wellness has continued to be the leading lifestyle trend—and Sentient Jet has grown its offerings year-over-year to meet the demand.

Muscle Beach, Lummus Park, South Beach (Miami Beach). By Drew Limsky

What is the most popular amenity for private jet flyers? The transportation itself. In 2013, flyers were more likely to utilize private aviation for leisure, while in 2023, flyers used Sentient Jet mostly as a utility. This finding reflects the continued strength of the luxury sector, and pent-up demand for post-pandemic travel.

Additional finding: a propensity for planning. Travelers are more likely to book their flights in advance. Travelers in 2013 booked around 13 days out on average, whereas in 2023 travelers booked approximately 25 days out on average.