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Exclusive Infographic: Discover Why the Nation's Top Businesses Are Flying Private.

At least 95% of the Fortune 100 top businesses utilize business aviation, making business aircraft an invaluable tool for the top global businesses.

This exclusive infographic provides insight into how Fortune 100 companies typically finance their aircraft, the average number of aircraft owned, a breakdown on the size of the aircraft owned, and the average aircraft age among these companies. With operations extending worldwide, Fortune 100 companies value the range and capability that heavy aircraft provide. 

Key Insights:

  • Business aircraft are an invaluable tool for the top global businesses. Public records indicate that at least 95% of the Fortune 100 top businesses utilize business aviation.
  • There are at least 323 aircraft registered publicly to the Fortune 100 companies, with the median company owning 3 aircraft.
  • Financing plays a major role in companies’ aircraft ownership – more than one-in-five aircraft have a lease or loan attached to it. 

View the full infographic here and learn how Global Jet Capital can simplify your business aviation experience. 

With more than $5 billion invested in business aviation and a unique ABS program that has attracted over $3 billion into the sector, Global Jet Capital provides financing solutions for the business aircraft market. The Company is capitalized by world-class private investors with expertise in the global aviation industry: The Carlyle Group, FS/KKR Advisor, LLC, a partnership between FS Investments and KKR Credit, and AE Industrial Partners. 

The Global Jet Capital management team has served the business aircraft industry for a combined 250-plus years and has completed over 3,500 aircraft transactions. The Company has the expertise, financial strength, industry relationships and infrastructure necessary to offer a variety of flexible financing solutions at the speed the market requires. 

With more than two hundred years of collective experience and thousands of aircraft transactions behind us, we are uniquely qualified to private aircraft.