Flexjet Launching Helo Service from Florida to Bahamas

Help for the winter blues!

Flexjet has received authorization to provide helicopter flights from Florida to the Bahamas in time for the winter peak travel season, which begins in the next few weeks. 

The service builds on Flexjet's helicopter operation, which the company formally established in 2022 with a fleet of Sikorsky S-76s. Flexjet said it formed the helicopter division to offer its fractional jet owners “first- and last-mile transport” but added that the helicopters have also been available for on-demand charter in the U.S. Northeast, Florida, and the United Kingdom.

“As people move their residences to Florida for the season, demand for our Florida helicopter service will increase, including travel from Florida to the Bahamas," said Eli Flint, president of Flexjet’s helicopter division. "With our authorization in place, those trips to the Bahamas can happen…on their schedule. We have already identified tailored landing zones in areas important to our customers.”

Flexjet said the S-76 is ideal for overwater flights since its twin engines, high cruise speed, and long-range capability allow it to connect Miami to the Bimini islands of the Bahamas in approximately 25 minutes. The S-76s seat up to eight passengers.