French Transport Minister Calls for Bizjet Restrictions

One politician even advocated a complete ban on their use.

The “flight shaming” movement in Europe fizzled during the pandemic but could now be making a reprise as France Transport Minister Clément Beaune calls for restrictions on the use of business jets. In a recent interview with French newspaper Le Parisien, he said, “We have to act to regulate flights on private jets. There can’t be a means of individual travel for comfort at a time when the president’s campaign [to reduce carbon footprints] requires everyone to make an effort.”

Rather than just focusing on France, Beaune said, he will be pushing for actions to curb business jet use on the European level at a meeting of EU transport ministers in October. According to Beaune, potential measures could include higher taxes on business aircraft operations or even bans on flights to destinations that are sufficiently served by trains.

Meanwhile, French Green Party leader Julien Bayou called for a complete ban on business jets last week. However, French government spokesperson Olivier Véran said a total ban is not in the cards during an interview with France Inter radio earlier this week, but he added that “restrictions on private jets would signal that the same rules apply to all.”