Gulfstream's G700 Has Arrived

At least 46 of the long-range—and very fast— twinjets are headed for delivery to customers.

Gulfstream’s flagship G700  has crossed the finish line, the Savannah, Georgia-based company announced on March 29. The 7,750-nm twinjet earned its FAA stripes after more than two years of delays largely stemming from stricter certification requirements established in the wake of the Boeing Max debacle. Amstat data shows that Gulfstream has produced 53 G700s, including an anticipated 46 bound for customers that it will soon start delivering.

Besides better range, speed, and cabin altitude figures released in September, FAA certification also confirmed two additional performance improvements: a balanced field length takeoff distance of 5,995 feet (1,827 meters) and a landing distance of 3,150 feet. The G700’s maximum Mach of 0.935 makes it the fastest in the Gulfstream fleet.

Gulfstream Aerospace Ups G700's Range, Speed, and Comfort

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Gulfstream Aerospace Ups G700's Range, Speed, and Comfort

Certification and service entry of the ultra-long-range twinjet is set for the fourth quarter of this year.

“We have successfully completed the most rigorous certification program in company history with the G700,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “I’d like to thank our world-class team of flight test, certification, and engineering professionals, along with the many others at Gulfstream who have contributed to this accomplishment. The G700 brings a new level of performance and cabin comfort to business aviation and is doing so while meeting the highest certification standards our industry has ever seen…I am proud and excited to begin our G700 customer deliveries.”

Certification of the G700’s shorter sibling, the G800, is expected to follow by year-end.