Home Again? Jeff Bezos Can’t Stop Buying Up Miami Mansions

Read about 10 of the 200-billion-dollar-man's most expensive purchases—including his Gulfstream.

The end of the COVID-19 pandemic has not brought a reprieve from breathless announcements of astronomically priced South Florida parcels being snapped up by sports stars, celebrities, and Silicon Valley techies. 

So naturally, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the world’s second wealthiest person, is determined to outdo them all with his fixation on cloistered Indian Creek, where Tom Brady, Julio Iglesias, and Carl Icahn own homes. Bezos just snapped up his third lot, this one costing more than either of his other two Indian Creek properties: $90 million.

The artificially constructed Miami island, nicknamed “the Billionaire Bunker,” is so exclusive that we have to coin a new adjective for it: It contains just 41 home sites (all waterfront), a country club, golf course—and its own government. And now, Indian Creek is home to a trio of Bezos-owned lots, each of them pricier than even his private jet. 

Meanwhile, Bezos’s ex-wife MacKenzie Scott has made money headlines in a different way: She has donated more than $14 billion to over 1600 charitable organizations.

Here are 10 of Bezos’s most jaw-dropping purchases:

1. Eight-seat, extra-long-haul Gulfstream G-650ER private jet. Cost: $65 million (and he reportedly owns two of them).

2. Three-bedroom, three-bath home in Indian Creek, purchased in the summer of 2023. Cost: $68 million.

3. 19,000-square-foot, seven-bedroom Indian Creek mansion, adjacent to the three-bedroom house, acquired in October 2023. Cost: $79 million.

4. Six-bedroom Indian Creek home—last sold for the pittance of only $2.5 million back in 1998—is the billionaire’s newest purchase. Cost: $90 million, because, um, inflation. Rumor has it that Bezos will live in this house while he consolidates the other two.

5. The Warner Estate in Beverly Hills, previously owned by David Geffen. Cost: $165 million, which in 2020, broke a record for the most expensive California home ever sold.

6. Maui property, which likewise set a record for the costliest residential purchase on the so-called Valley Isle. Cost: $78 million.

7. The Washington Post, purchased in 2013. Cost: $250 million.

8. It has been reported but not confirmed that Bezos bought a dog robot named Spot, created by the robotics company Boston Dynamics. Price: $74,500.

9. Bezos outdid himself in extravagance when he built himself a 417-foot-long mega-yacht and christened it Koru. Cost: $500 million.

10. A really big mechanical clock meant to last 10,000 years (currently under construction), that will tick once a year—not frequently enough to let Bezos know it’s time to buy a new house. Cost: $42 million.