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This 38,000-square-foot property has every conceivable luxury and a $250 million price tag.

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America’s priciest residence comes with everything you might need, from a helicopter and live-in staff to bathroom supplies.

Thinking about moving up to a better home? A newly built residence in Los Angeles’s Bel Air neighborhood will take you about as far up as you can go.

Developer Bruce Makowsky constructed it after noting that the average billionaire enjoys private jets and $100 million yachts but “then they only live in a $30 million home.” To address that discrepancy, he loaded his 38,000-square-foot property with every conceivable luxury and a $250 million price tag, making it the most expensive home ever offered in the U.S.

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Sell your home faster

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So what do you get for a quarter-billion dollars? For starters, 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, three kitchens, and two crocodile-skin-lined elevators. Also here are wine cellars stocked with 2,500 bottles; six bars; a 40-seat theatre with 7,000 movies; 130 artworks from around the world; an 85-foot pool with swim-up bar and adjacent outdoor 20-foot movie screen; a $30 million gallery of exotic cars and motorcycles, including a rare  Rolls-Royce and a Bugatti; a spa with his-and-hers massage tables; a dining room with drop-dead views and a $2 million floating glass staircase; seven employees (for the first two years), including a masseuse, who live in a staff wing; and a four-lane bowling alley. 

Oh, yeah: you also get the helicopter that’s parked on the roof. As Makowsky told the Los Angeles Times, “The home comes with everything. You don’t even need a toothbrush.”

Of course, while this property may suffice for many people, inevitably someone is going to want more. And if you’re that someone, you won’t have to wait long: developer Nile Niami is reportedly already at work on a home in the same neighborhood that will up the ante even further by featuring a casino, a 30-car garage, and 100,000 square feet of living space—nearly double what the White House offers. The target asking price for this one: $500 million.