HondaJet on airport ramp
Customers in the market for a used HondaJet now can benefit from Honda's first certified preowned program. (Photo: Honda Aircraft Company)

Honda Launches Certified Preowned Aircraft Program

The manufacturer will rigorously inspect and upgrade the light jets before offering them for sale.

Honda Aircraft has launched its first certified preowned program (CPO), the company recently announced, following Bombardier’s lead in forging an alternative pathway to owning a business jet. Bombardier initiated its CPO program in 2021 and exhibited a fully refurbished 2012 Challenger 605 last month at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Geneva.  Honda's CPO program covers customers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia through the company’s authorized sales network.

Calling it the sole CPO choice in its very-light-jet class, Honda practices what it calls a discerning selection process for choosing, inspecting, and maintaining aircraft, before granting the CPO designation. The program also offers “end-to-end services,” from entry-into-service to post-sales support. 

Each CPO HondaJet must pass a 208-point standard inspection conducted by Honda-trained technicians across the authorized service network. The company added that it will upgrade all aircraft qualified for the CPO program to the highest performance level available for each model, based on applicable service bulletins. As part of the program, CPO buyers will also receive a FlightSafety initial pilot training session and a six-month or 100-hour credit—whichever occurs first—applied toward the cost associated with Honda’s Airframe Flight Ready Performance program.