Hope for the Warriors

Wounded American soldiers, veterans, and their families receive support from this top-rated charity.

Hope for the Warriors provides much-needed assistance to wounded American soldiers, veterans, and their families. The organization—created to serve those who were hurt while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan—provides programs that focus on transition, health and rehabilitation, and family support. 

Transition programs include Drive for Hope, which helps wounded service members regain the ability to drive through training in adaptive vehicles; and Warrior’s Compass, a job-placement service that helps to connect service members with a network of over 1,500 companies that aim to hire veterans. The charity’s wellness services fill gaps in veterans’ mental-health care by providing treatment, education, and emotional support. 

Service members returning from combat often rely heavily on their core support systems. Hope for the Warriors dedicates much of its efforts to serving the entire family by placing special attention on the needs of children of veterans and by providing grants and scholarship opportunities to spouses and caregivers.

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