image of front half of HondaJet Elite parked on ramp outside of hangars
The performance and software upgrade package for the HondaJet Elite is expected to be available to operators later this year. (Photo: Honda Aircraft)

Improvements Announced For HondaJet Elite

The maximum takeoff weight will be increased, meaning you can bring an extra passenger along for the ride.

HondaJet Elite operators will be able to improve performance and avionics software on their aircraft under a new upgrade package for the light twinjet. Developed by Honda Aircraft’s advanced performance modification group, the upgrade will increase maximum takeoff weight by 200 pounds, enabling operators to fly up to 120 nautical miles farther with more luggage or with an additional passenger.

Your pilot will appreciate options for avionics software improvements that include the installation of FAA data comm and an aircraft communications addressing and reporting system. This replaces voice commands with text-based messaging for greater clarity and efficiency. And the newly introduced advanced steering augmentation system reduces pilot workload and improves crosswind operational capability.

The upgrades will be available later this year.