Inside Bombardier’s Global 7500

Currently the world’s largest purpose-built business jet.

Bombardier Global 7500

Bombardier’s highly anticipated flagship Global 7500 entered into service in 2019, and is currently the world’s largest purpose-built business jet. It offers a full kitchen and four living zones for customers to enjoy on journeys up to an advertised range of 7,700 nautical miles at Mach .85. However, its top speed is Mach .925. That kind of performance allows nonstop flights from cities like New York to Hong Kong, but Bombardier recently flew the jet 8,152 nautical miles from Singapore to Tucson, Arizona.

Bombardier Introduces Nuage Seat for Global 7500 Jet

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Bombardier Introduces Nuage Seat for Global 7500 Jet

It’s named after the French word for “cloud.”

For the longest trips where extra crew may be necessary, there’s even a dedicated suite that you can configure with bunk beds. Beyond the kitchen, forward lavatory, and crew rest area is the club suite, equipped with four of Bombardier’s newly designed Nuage seats, and two deployable side tables. Next is the conference suite, offering seating for six and a dining table that can be set up to span the width of the cabin. In the entertainment suite, passengers can kick back and watch a movie in an atmosphere that feels as cozy as a living room, and the divan is berthable. Finally, the aftmost suite offers a dedicated bed, work area, and lavatory with an optional shower. There’s also a wardrobe and unrestricted access to the baggage compartment.

This interior is only one possible configuration, and the company offers an incredible amount of permutations for how you can configure the zones. Of course, you can personalize the materials to your taste. Let us know what you think of the Global 7500 in the comments space below.