Inside The Airbus ACJ319

Your jaw will drop when you see the inside of this aircraft—an airliner model that has been configured for VIP use

Anyone who has ever flown on a medium-range airliner with up to 150 other people on board will be astounded to see what happens when these aircraft are configured for VIP use. The Airbus ACJ319 is a classic case in point. This member of the Airbus Corporate Jet family is based on the 120-seat A319 narrowbody. Fundamentally, the A319 is built to earn its living in the hard-working airline environment where it might fly as many as 3,000 hours per year. In the VIP role, it's unlikely to log more than around 300, and Airbus believes the ACJ319 offers a value proposition that can help it hold its own against any purpose-built business jet while offering exceptional space inside the cabin.