Jet Linx Introduces Joint Ownership Program

It will serve two principals per aircraft instead of up to 16 under a traditional fractional-share arrangement.

Jet Linx is offering a joint-ownership program that will serve two owners per aircraft instead of up to 16 under a traditional fractional ownership program.

“We have seen a recent trend towards shared ownership, from both new buyers and existing aircraft owners, to reduce the capital outlay and carrying costs associated with whole aircraft ownership,” said Jet Linx president and CEO Jamie Walker.

Jet Linx Introduces Jet Card for Businesses

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Jet Linx Introduces Jet Card for Businesses

The program offers guaranteed access to up to four aircraft per day at fixed hourly rates.

Under the program, Jet Linx will source and purchase the aircraft. Also unlike in traditional fractional programs, the owners will fly only on the jet they have ownership in and with their own pilots that the company recruits, trains, and employs. When the aircraft isn’t being used by either owner, it will be made available for revenue flights through Jet Linx's jet card program.

“Our joint-ownership program leverages our extensive experience in whole-aircraft ownership and management and brings it to a much larger audience of prospective clients by removing half of the expense and risk of whole-aircraft ownership while providing what's been missing from traditional fractional jet ownership—the enjoyment of flying on your own aircraft with your own crew from a local private terminal and hangar,” Walker said. Additionally, Jet Linx will handle the sale of an owner’s half-interest in a jet when the time comes.