Medaire Offers Covid-19 Testing and Tracking

The medical services provider is also offering equipment and training for the screening of passengers and crews.

Medical services provider Medaire has partnered with a third-party company to offer COVID-19 testing and tracking to flight crews, company personnel, and passengers. The FDA-authorized saliva collection test is as effective as nasal swab tests, according to Medaire, and can be self-administered with supervision via a Zoom video call.

Responding To In-Flight Medical Emergencies

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Responding To In-Flight Medical Emergencies

MedAire's tools allow flight crew to communicate with doctors on the ground in real time.

Results of the HIPAA-compliant test are typically known within 24 to 48 hours of the lab receiving the specimen, Medaire said. Testing and reporting of results are managed by Medaire as part of its integrated health and travel safety solution.

Additionally, as part of its Health Check MicroLearning solution, Medaire will provide operators with personal protective equipment as well as the equipment necessary for passenger and crew screening for COVID-19. The company will also supply a “microlearning module” to provide safe and effective training for those who perform the screening.