NetJets Expands Employee Coronavirus Testing

The company commits to testing 100 percent of crewmembers as they prepare for economies to begin reopening.

NetJets has partnered with North Carolina-headquartered Cellex to make antibody testing available to its employees in the coming weeks. The program augments the fractional ownership provider’s joint initiative with its pilots’ union, NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots, to offer Covid-19 testing for free to its employees through Quest Diagnostics.

The moves come as NetJets prepares for economies to begin reopening, said NetJets president of sales, marketing, and service. “We are committed to testing 100 percent of our crewmembers initially and offering ongoing testing to anyone who travels to high-risk locations, has been exposed to Covid-19, or becomes symptomatic.”

In addition, NetJets is continuing its commitment to helping people on the ground as they return to offices, he said, and he pointed to a recent NetJets relief mission involving the transport of a half-million Covid-19 antibody tests from China through the partnership with Cellex.

The mission kicked off on May 1 and involved four NetJets Bombardier Global 6000s that flew to Shanghai to collect the tests. “Within a mere 36 hours of the aircraft departing Shanghai, tests were being administered to frontline health care workers and first responders in Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina,” Gallagher said.

NetJets Makes Delivery Run for Hospitals

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NetJets Makes Delivery Run for Hospitals

The provider sent a pair of Bombardier Global 6000s to China to pick up surplus N95 masks and other medical equipment for Mount Sinai Health System.

The mission wasn’t the first Covid-19 relief trip to China for NetJets. In another such mission, a pair of NetJets Bombardier Global 6000s flew from Anchorage, Alaska, to Nanjing, China, to pick up surplus N95 masks and other medical equipment for Mount Sinai Health System.