Solairus Aviation light jet in flight (Photo: Solairus Aviation)
Solairus Aviation is offering a revised program to provide full management services for light jets and turboprops. (Photo: Solairus Aviation)

Solairus Adds Light Jet, Turboprop Management Program

The aim is to provide owners with economically priced support with access to full flight and maintenance services and safety management.

Solairus Aviation has revised its aircraft management program to provide a tailored service for turboprops and light jets. The light jet and turboprop program is designed to give owners of those models economically priced support with access to full flight and maintenance services and safety management. This includes maintenance oversight, fiscal management, crew recruiting and employment, flight coordination and logistics, and charter, along with benefits such as market discounts on fuel, crew training, insurance, travel, and airborne connectivity.

“The core foundation of the light jet and turboprop management program is the integration of our clients' aircraft into our flight management system, providing access to our processes and procedures,” said Solairus executive vice president David Davenport. “We then give all clients access to our safety management system, we integrate their maintenance tracking programs into our operations software, and their operations are included in our dispatch and flight-tracking services.”

Davenport added that the program is comprehensive and customizable. Solairus operates a fleet of more than 280 aircraft with more than 70 base locations and 1,700 flight crew and support personnel.