Take a Wild Ride at RiseNY

This museum combines exhibits about the Big Apple with an exhilarating simulated flight over its skyline.

Looking for an off-the-wall activity in the heart of Manhattan? RiseNY, at 160 W. 45thSt., combines New York City–focused exhibition galleries with a jaw-dropping ride like those usually found only in theme parks.

Upon arriving at this new museum, you’ll board a simulated subway train that leads to an exhibit called “Manhatta,” the original Lenape name for Manhattan (meaning “island of many hills”). You’ll learn that New Amsterdam (later, New York City) was settled by Dutch immigrants attracted by beaver pelts (which explains why the beaver has appeared on the city’s flags and seals for centuries). 

Next come exhibits that focus on New York’s rise as a capital of trade and finance. You’ll see one of Alexander Hamilton’s first signed checks as well as a replica of Elisha Otis’s original elevator, which made skyscrapers possible. 

Other exhibits cover the Big Apple’s involvement with media and the arts. You’ll see a reproduction of a set from The Honeymooners and a replica of The Ed Sullivan Show stage featuring a Beatles appearance. Also on display are the guitar Bruce Springsteen used to write “Born to Run” and the 1968 Ziegfeld costume Barbra Streisand wore in Funny Girl. In addition, there are costumes and film clips from present Broadway productions.

Your visit will end with a ride in a flying theater, allowing you a bird’s-eye view of the Big Apple. You’ll glide over the city’s iconic skyline and landmarks while inside a 180-degree, 40-foot projection dome featuring 8K aerial footage. The full-motion seats dip, turn, and soar, while wind, mist, and scents enhance the experience.