Mesinger Jet Sales
Mesinger Jet Sales
Boulder, Colorado
Key People
Jay Mesinger, president/CEO; Sandra Mesinger, CFO; Josh Mesinger, Vice President; Adam Mesinger, Director of Business Development; Andy Weibel, Technical Director
Number of Employees
Phone Number
(303) 444-6766

Mesinger Jet Sales

Family-run Mesinger Jet Sales specializes in sales and acquisition of new and preowned business jets. In a recent 12-month period, the company brokered the sale of over 30 aircraft. 

Founder Jay Mesinger began his aviation career at age 22 after taking over the operation of a Houston Piper dealership in 1974. Within a year, it was selling more Piper Navajo piston twins than any other dealer, earning multiple awards from the manufacturer and making it one of the world’s largest Piper dealerships. The company also provided charter, FBO, flight training, and maintenance services. 

As clients began outgrowing the Piper piston aircraft, Mesinger started brokering deals on turboprops and light jets. He became owner of the Piper dealership in 1974 and sold his first jet that year. In 1982, the company shed the FBO facets to reorganize solely as an aircraft brokerage and consulting business. In 1985, operating under the name J. Mesinger and Associates, the company created what was reportedly the world’s first aircraft marketing video, featuring a Gates Learjet 35A.

In 1987, the company again reorganized when Piper—bowing to product-liability pressure and reducing the number of aircraft it produced—withdrew dealership status from most of its retailers. Mesinger, no longer tied to a physical location, moved his family to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and continued to broker aircraft deals.

In 1993 the family moved again, this time to Boulder, Colorado, where Mesinger relaunched the business as Mesinger Jet Sales. His spouse, Sandra Mesinger, joined the firm as chief financial officer after a 23-year career in public accounting. 

Mesinger purchased the domain name and launched the company’s first website in 1994, adding an aircraft comparison tool the following year. Soon after, the company became an associate member of the National Business Aviation Association and Mesinger later served as vice chairman and chairman of its Associate Member Advisory Council. He served a 10-year term on the NBAA board that ended in 2013 and continues to serve on various aviation advisory boards.

Mesinger’s sons Josh and Adam joined the company in 2000 and 2010 respectively.  Josh came aboard immediately after graduating from George Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in business marketing, Adam spent eight years in the film industry after attending the NYU Tisch School for the Arts in New York City. As vice president, Josh leads client and transaction negotiations alongside Jay.  Adam serves as the company’s director of business development.