Cirrus Vision G2
FAA certification in hand, Cirrus will begin deliveries this month of its enhanced Vision, the G2. (Photo: Matt Thurber)

Cirrus Vision Jet G2 Certified

The manufacturer is already offering an improved version of the single-engine Vision Jet.

Cirrus Aircraft has received FAA certification for an updated version of its single-engine Vision Jet, the Generation 2 (G2), and deliveries of the model will begin this month. New features include a higher maximum operating altitude, autothrottle, lithium-ion main-ship batteries, upgraded avionics, new cabin appointments, and additional paint schemes.

The FJ33-5A engine has also been modified with a new thrust schedule from 24,000 to 31,000 feet, the new maximum operating altitude (up from 28,000 feet), giving the G2 Vision an improved climb and a seven-knot increase in cruise speed at 28,000 feet to 311 ktas. At 31,000 feet, the Vision G2 can cruise at 305 ktas, one knot faster than the original Vision at 28,000 feet (at International Standard Atmosphere and maximum takeoff weight).

Range is about 100 nautical miles higher at long-range cruise of 240 ktas, giving a range of more than 1,200 nautical miles, or G2 pilots can carry more payload when flying at the more typical maximum continuous thrust power setting. On an 800-nautical-mile mission, an additional 150 pounds of payload is possible, and for a 1,000-nautical-mile mission, another 170 pounds of payload can be carried.

The useful load also grew by 50 pounds, thanks to weight savings from replacement of a heat-sensitive pressure valve that allowed removal of a heat exchanger and removal of boundary layer energizers and an aileron fence on the wings, as well as the lighter batteries. New trailing-edge aileron tabs improve handling and add more stick-centering force to the G2 Vision’s sidestick.

Cabin improvements include new executive seats in the center to accommodate owners who fly with the rearmost three seats removed. The new seats are wider and have added bolstering, and they bracket a new center console with storage space in the middle and stowaway tray tables on the edges for each occupant. The center console is easily removable and fits into the baggage compartment. New carpeting is more robust and improves the interior appearance. The mid-2018 addition of a 22-inch fold-down monitor for rear-seat occupants carries through in the G2 vision.

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G2 Vision provides a lower cabin altitude of 6,400 feet. Passenger oxygen masks are now automatically deployable. With the new maximum operating altitude of 31,000 feet, the G2 Vision is now RVSM capable from the factory. Cirrus is offering a training program to help buyers meet RVSM requirements and will also help them submit a letter of authorization application.

The original Vision base price was $1.96 million plus consumer price index increases from July 2012. Today’s G2 Vision base price is $2.38 million, with the fully loaded Elite configuration at $2.75 million. Some of the G2 features will be retrofittable to Vision jets, including the Flight Stream 510, noise improvements, executive seats, and center console.

Pilot training is done at Cirrus’s Knoxville, Tennessee, customer center in a CAE full-flight simulator. Until the simulator is upgraded to the G2 configuration, the program will include differences training in the customer’s airplane, especially on autothrottle usage.