Worker disinfecting aircraft at Clay Lacy Aviation.
Clay Lacy Aviation is now offering comprehensive cabin disinfection service as part of its maintenance offerings.

Clay Lacy Adds Disinfection Services

Maintenance centers can provide the treatment while aircraft are undergoing other work.

Van Nuys, California–based Clay Lacy Aviation has introduced aircraft cleaning and disinfection service. The service is performed at the company’s maintenance centers and by its mobile response teams. Detailing technicians wear full-body Tyvek protective suits, goggles, gloves, and face masks, and use bipolar ionization equipment and EPA-registered sanitizing products to disinfect the aircraft cabin.

The ionization process, which takes an hour, releases millions of charged ion particles that kill airborne and surface pathogens such as COVID-19, influenza viruses, staph, other dangerous bacteria, and mold. Once that is completed, technicians spray the cabin with disinfectant, wipe it down, and dry it. Leather surfaces and upholstery receive specific attention. Upon exiting the aircraft, technicians thoroughly clean the entryway.

Flexjet Fleet Treated with MicroShield 360

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Flexjet Fleet Treated with MicroShield 360

More than 160 aircraft will receive an antimicrobial coating.

Clay Lacy’s maintenance centers can add the treatment while aircraft are undergoing line service or additional work involving extended downtime. The cleaning capability is also available 24/7 through the company's mobile response teams to destinations within 100 miles of Southern California’s Van Nuys, McClellan-Palomar, and John Wayne Orange County Airports, as well as at Boeing Field in Seattle.