HondaJet Elite II mockup
At Honda Aircraft’s NBAA-BACE static display chalet, a mockup of the Elite II highlights the new features in the latest version of the HondaJet. (Photo: David McIntosh/AIN)

HondaJet Elite II Adds Range, Plush Interior Options

Deliveries of the upgraded jet are expected later this year.

Honda Aircraft has unveiled upgrades to the HondaJet that add range, new cabin designs, ground spoilers, and a stabilized approach feature. Dubbed HondaJet Elite II, the upgraded jet is expected to be delivered beginning later this year, following anticipated Federal Aviation Administration certification by the end of October 2022. 

The new range of the Elite II is 110 nautical miles farther than the Elite S with four passengers. To accommodate the added fuel, the maximum allowed weight has been raised 200 pounds to 11,100 pounds.

Other upgrades include a new ground spoiler system that optimizes takeoff and landing performance. The stabilized approach upgrade “assists the pilot with aural and visual alerts to maintain a stable aircraft state on approach,” according to Honda Aircraft.

For outfitting, buyers will be able to choose a new black sable exterior paint scheme as well as cabin interiors in onyx and steel styles. The onyx option includes “a rich and warm neutral beige cabin theme with mid-tone wood accents,” while steel is “a modern light cool grey theme with high-contrast marble accents.”

Other interior changes include new aisle flooring available in hardwood herringbone and plank patterns, new full-cabin acoustic treatments to reduce noise, swiveling seats, sheepskin covers for pilot seats, and a ground-track extension that adds three inches of legroom in the flight deck.

The lighting system is also getting an upgrade, with multi-color LEDs inside the cabin and a soft indigo night setting, ground illumination added to the main entry door, and integrated exterior lights.

With the addition of the autothrottle system and Garmin’s Autoland technology, the HondaJet will be the first new-production twin-engine airplane to offer the capability for a completely automatic emergency landing in case the pilot becomes incapacitated, without any human intervention.

The Elite II price is $6.95 million. At this time, Honda Aircraft is not offering an upgrade from the Elite S to the II configuration.