Pilots N Paws volunteers with rescue puppy on wing of Cirrus Aircraft following a rescue flight
Pilots N Paws' registered volunteer rescue pilots will receive fuel price discounts at Sheltair FBOs when conducting animal rescue flights. The discounts will apply not only to four-legged animal rescues but four-flippered as well, such as in the case of sea turtles. (Photo: Pilots N Paws"

Sheltair Offers Fuel Discounts For Animal Rescue Flights

Volunteer pilots with charity Pilots N Paws will be assigned digital discount cards to present at the FBO’s customer service desks.

Aviation service provider Sheltair has partnered with animal rescue charity Pilots N Paws to assist with the costs associated with rescue flights. The announcement was made in recognition of International Dog Day.  Sheltair is based in Florida, one of five states that together account for 50 percent of all animal euthanasias in the U.S.

Since its founding in 2008, Pilots N Paws members have saved the lives of more than 200,000 animals by flying them to areas with no-kill shelters. The charity has more than 6,000 aviation-related volunteers, and through the agreement with Sheltair, its registered volunteer pilots will be assigned digital cards to present at the FBO's customer service desks to receive fuel discounts when flying rescue missions.

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Its buyer, whose wife is an “ethical fashion” pioneer, insisted on a “fully vegan” interior.

Among the charity’s other supporters is Cirrus Aircraft, which lists several active volunteers among its staff, in addition to some of its aircraft-owning customers. The Minnesota-based airframer has also provided financial support to the organization.