Credi: Ucumari Photography
Credi: Ucumari Photography

Staying warm during cold-climate getaways

Even in Antarctica, you’ll stay comfortable with this gear.

Planning a trip to Antarctica, northern Scandinavia, or anywhere that promises frigid temperatures? If you dress in layers and pack the right gear, you can remain warm and comfortable throughout your visit.

Start with a jacket or coat that’s rated for the weather you anticipate. Those rated “warm” by L.L.Bean, for example, will keep you that way when the temperature is as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit; a “warmer” rating is suitable for 35 to -15 degrees; and “warmest” will do the trick for 15 to -50 degrees.

Heated gloves are a must, but the ones that use regular batteries lose power quickly. Opt for gloves with rechargeable batteries, which you can find at,, L.L.Bean, and (The batteries usually last a day, so be sure to recharge overnight.)

Other worthwhile accessories include heated lumbar belts (, Brookstone, L.L.Bean,, heated insoles for your feet (, L.L.Bean, Walmart), and face masks (Sears,