Tempus IC2 Telemedicine unit
The Tempus IC2 telemedicine monitor is now standard equipment in VistaJet's charter fleet. The device allows crew members to transmit vital clinical data via the aircraft's secure connection to MedAire's ground-based medical experts, who can evaluate the patient and advise treatment any time, any place. [Photo: VistaJet]

VistaJet Equips Fleet With Telemedicine Devices

Flight crew can now measure and transmit clinical data, images, and real-time video to a medical assessment provider.

To better safeguard customers and staff, charter provider VistaJet is now carrying RDT's Tempus IC2 health monitors aboard its entire private jet fleet. The devices allow flight crew to measure and transmit vital clinical data and images, along with real-time voice and video, to medical assessment provider MedAire’s 24/7 ground center.

Responding To In-Flight Medical Emergencies

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Responding To In-Flight Medical Emergencies

MedAire's tools allow flight crew to communicate with doctors on the ground in real time.

“The parameters available when taking a Tempus call are essentially the same as those one would have in most emergency rooms,” explains Dr. Paulo Alves, MedAire’s global medical director. “Tempus IC2 is invaluable when remotely managing a medical situation because it gives MedAire’s MedLink doctors the clinical-quality data needed to make a better diagnostic impression.”

In addition to diagnosing in-air medical situations, MedAire can assist the ill person with obtaining further medical care or prescription medication at the aircraft’s final destination. Should the person require urgent treatment not available onboard, VistaJet’s operations team can also be informed to change the flight path or final destination.