VistaJet Global 7500
Based on year-to-date average monthly usage, VistaJet predicts that its four Bombardier Global 7500s will each log about 1,400 flight hours annually, highlighting the popularity of the 7,700-nm twinjet among VistaJet's customers. (Photo: VistaJet)

VistaJet Forecasts 1,400 Hours Per Year Per Global 7500

That's a lot of flight time.

VistaJet is forecasting that its four Bombardier Global 7500s will each log 1,400 flight hours in its first year of operations. “We've had four of these put into our fleet; we own all of them,” company chief commercial officer Ian Moore told BJT. “These aircraft are actually at the moment on a run rate of 1,400 hours on an annual basis—all four of them. If you're doing 110 or 120 hours [per aircraft] in a month, if I run right there for 12 months, we're getting to 1,400.

Inside Bombardier’s Global 7500

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Inside Bombardier’s Global 7500

Currently the world’s largest purpose-built business jet.

“Usually that would take us years to build up," Moore continued. "I've never had a Global 7500 to sell charter before, but usually, maybe you get to 700 hours per year, then you get to 900, you get to 1,100. To be straight to a run rate of 1,400 hours for all four of them [is an achievement]. It just shows you how instantly attractive this aircraft is.”

VistaJet took delivery of its first two Global 7500s in April and by October had taken two more. Moore said it would take at least two more of the 7,700-nautical-mile twinjets this year, with a further seven expected to join the fleet before year-end 2022.