VistaJet Gives Customers Sustainable Fuel Option

Environmental credits will enable the fuel to be dispensed into another aircraft’s tanks somewhere where a supply of SAF exists.

Global private aviation provider VistaJet has signed an agreement with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) provider SkyNRG that will allow its air charter customers the option of covering their flights with the use of SAF. As part of the aircraft operator’s Sustainability in Aviation pledge launched earlier this year, the voluntary program permits VistaJet’s users to specify whether they wish to pay for the volume of SAF consumed in their flight, which through a “book-and-claim” mechanism will allow them to receive the environmental credits while the actual fuel is dispensed into another aircraft’s fuel tanks somewhere where there is a supply of SAF.

Through its partnership with SkyNRG, the company said it will be able to offer “the most sustainable, cost-effective, and scalable solution to decarbonize their flights while helping to grow adoption across the entire industry.” According to VistaJet, since it introduced its sustainability initiatives, including a carbon-offset purchase program, it has seen an 80 percent acceptance rate among its customers and the offset of nearly 100,000 tons of CO2.

Signature FBOs Offer Sustainable Fuel

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It will be permanently available at San Francisco International Airport and UK’s London Luton Airport.

Other aspects of the programs include fuel-consumption reduction technology to automate flight optimization and management of its global fleet, which has resulted in an 8 percent improvement in fuel burn per flight. The company is also moving to source the electricity that is supplied to its offices from only renewable sources.